What is Fedi-To?

Fedi-To is primarily a one-way bridge between Mastodon and the wider fediverse and fediverse apps. As a side-effect, this also makes it an effective privacy tool: you no longer need to hand your instance's domain to random Mastodon instances. It is also the best way to open FediText from a Mastodon remote interaction dialog.

Using Fedi-To

Simply type fedi-to.net into the remote interaction dialog and (if you have set everything up correctly) your mastodon client, e.g. FediText, should open!

Is there more to it?

Yes! Fedi-To also implements compatibility layers with a handful of web-based client software. This loses some of the privacy benefits, but is the easiest way to use these clients. The following clients are currently supported, simply click one of the links and proceed to activation:

Further, Fedi-To is not limited to just ActivityPub/Mastodon. If you're a developer and you have a project in mind involving decentralized https-based protocols, we highly encourage you to contact us via ActivityPub through @SoniEx2@chaos.social.