Why Fedi-To?

Fedi-To allows fediverse links shared outside the fedi to still open in the user's fediverse app. This allows immediate interaction and is the perfect tool for folks who want to go viral on fedi. It completely evades the copy-and-paste bullshit that Mastodon tries so hard to promote!

Using Fedi-To

If you're an user of federated apps, check with your instance admin for Fedi-To support! You may be able to set it up so Fedi-To links open in your instance!

If you're a blogger, the Fedi-To API documentation shows how to make Fedi-To URLs you can put in your posts.

If you're a federated app developer, the protocol-handler specification provides instructions for how to implement Web-First Protocol Handlers.

If you're an instance admin, feel free to get in touch! The preferred way for this is the GitHub.

About Fedi-To

Fedi-To is attempting to redefine Web-based Protocol Handlers, by both making them a Web-first system and bringing them to mobile. Fedi-To helps handle web+ protocols while providing an improved user experience. It is our hope that by making this service, we can show how Web Protocol Handlers can significantly improve the web.

The current pilot includes only a handful of handlers; wide availability is still being worked on. However, we also support /.well-known/protocol-handler, which allows anyone to provide Fedi-To compatibility while also providing a more useful fallback than the built-in handlers. Check out our Open Source Collaboration Space on GitHub for more information on specifications, including how to participate, and Fedi-To API documentation.

This project is made by Soni L., you can support them on Patreon.